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The Team - aka The Edwin Starr Band

have been around for the last twenty-seven years; their reputation for consistently outstanding live performance is the foundation of their success; their intimate relationship with soul music has had legendary artists perform with them; and their audience is drawn from so wide a spectrum of people as to make the demographic indefinable.

Checkout this Quicktime clip of the Team at Gosport. Visit their site http://www.theteam-online.co.uk

Put together in 1982 by percussionist Clive 'J.J.' Hare and bassman Kevin Kendall, the band approached 'Build Me Up Buttercup' vocalist Clem Curtis with a view to working together. Clem at that time did not need a band but he had a friend who did: The late, great motown artist Edwin Starr whose hits include 'War - What is it good for', 'S.O.S', 'Eye to Eye Contact' and 'H.A.P.P.Y Radio'. Since then The Team has been on the road and there are few others with such extensive performing experience. Whether for a throng of forty thousand at the now legendary V Festival in Chelmsford's Bowl or for just twenty-three guests in the dining room of a media and premiership football tycoon; whether at 8 a.m. in a field near Aachen full of scooterists or at midnight in an opulent London hotel for the royal family; whether in session for Capital Radio or on The Jonathan Ross Show, the mantra is the same: 'we came here to party!' for whoever,whenever, wherever!

If you have not yet seen for yourself, the certainty is, you will know someone who has. Possibly even on one of those exhilarating occasions when The Team has been joined onstage by, for example, The Temptations, Ben E. King, Barry White or Boy George to name a few.

Together with Edwin they have been presented with awards by Blues and Soul Magazine, whose readership for two consecutive years voted them 'UK Live Act Of The Year'; and alongside James Brown and Billy Paul have twice been honoured at the prestigious European Diamond Awards for Live Music.

With Edwin's passing in April 2003, younger brother Angelo, an original member of The Team whose credits include Alexander O'Neal and more recently Lemar, has taken over on lead vocals. Accordingly, there is a sense of continuity but more notably, a new energy; an energy that could only be generated by dedicated and well-travelled musicians and singers, performing for years with soul greats - and soaking up the influence.

Angelo Starr - Guitar, Lead Vocal

Born in Ohio on 4th July, Angelo's life has always been split between technology and music. He plays bass, drums, piano but his favourite instrument is voice or guitar. He has played from the age of 8 moving through violin and cello.
Musically The Team is his home-base band, but he also plays for Gwen Dickey, Alexander O-Neal and others.
His perfect day would be listening to music with melody, such as fusion jazz, George Duke etc.  He likes books on technology and likes cycling. He has a wide palate, enjoying Chinese, Mexican and Indian food prefering iced tea as a beverage as he is teetotal.   As a luxury he appreciates a quiet lifestyle.

Beverly Ridout - Saxophone

With The Team since 1988, Beverly hails from Bournemouth and has a birthdate of 20th March.
Her perfect day would be spent on a sunbed on a hot sunny beach listening to R&B or jazz such as Stacy Kent and drinking champagne.  Patriot Games is her favourite movie and she likes psychological thriller books.  She would also be following Southampton FC, Arsenal and definitely NOT Man U.
In her garage would be an expensive, sporty soft-top auto. Beverly also likes in-line skating and confesses to lipstick being her favourite luxury.

Biddy - Percussion

Biddy is 21 years old! He was born in hospital sometime in the past and originates from Hampton-in-Arden. He joined The Team after leaving school and played with them for nine years before he asked his mate Dov Skipper to take over the drummers role in order to move on to other things. Biddy still stands in though when Dov can't make it.
His perfect day would be on the beach in Barbados, listening to the wind and the surf whilst reading Lord Of The Rings. On his book rack you'd find Penthouse or Playboy and his palate prefers Chinese food and Coke.   As an activity you'd find him snorkelling and scuba-diving whilst driving a black Ferrari Mondial hardtop. He'd also be keeping up on events with Birmingham FC.

Carlton - Keyboard

Carlton was born in Chesterfield in 1969 and has been with the Team since 1988. His background is Gospel and his first instrument was a guitar at the age of 8. His most memorable gig was his first with Edwin, when, as a stand-in, he had to cope with dozens of solos that Edwin threw at him.  His perfect day would be in the Dominican Republic watching the "Shawshank Redemption", reading "The Godfather" and listening to jazz and soul. He prefers home-cooked food washed down with Ribena or red wine. His luxury would be his own villa with swimming pool and gym.  His favourite team is Manchester United and if he could have a choice of any car it would be an Aston Martin.

Chuckie - Guitar

Born in Birmingham in 1966, has played with The Team since around 1990. His favourite memories are those playing with the Four Tops and the Temptations and working in locations such as Bahrain and Dubai.
He like all kinds of music and would spend his perfect day in his own villa in Florida eating Chinese food and sipping brandy & coke whilst watching comedy movies. After that he'd do a bit of jet-skiing and spend time with a good woman who would be working hard to fulfill his ambition to get some of his music published.

Clive - Percussion

Born in Marston Green in 1957, Clive is - along with Kevin - an original member of The Team. He would spend his ideal day in Jamaica listening to Yellow Man and other reggae music whilst eating Jamaican food, particularly stewed peas.
Ginger beer is his favourite tipple and he likes weight-training, karate and boxing. He would consider it a luxury to be happy, driving a BMW or Lexus 4x4. On the sports front he like the Globetrotters and supports his legs!
He does have a memorable experience with The Team - when he had a coughing fit on stage which resulted in the lack of a certain bodily function.

Ingrid - Vocals

Joining The Team in 1996, Ingrid is Nottingham-born and is happy to be chauffeuered everywhere. She rates the gig in Belgium with James Brown and playing in Africa and Kuala Lumpa as her memorable occasions.
If stranded on an island she would prefer Mauritius with a cinema showing any Tom Hanks movies like "The Green Mile" or "Castaway". A favourite book would be "The Best A Man Could Get" and her preferred food is Chinese or Indian accompanied by any alcohol!
Ingrid would also wish for one luxury - her comb!   Gymnastics is her favourite spectator sport.

James (RIP 8th January 2019) - Saxophone

Born in Handsworth in 1960, James has been on The Team since 1991.  Learning music with the guitar in 1976 he has been playing music in earnest since 1981.  The alto-sax is his first love but he also plays tenor and soprano sax and flute. After he gave the guitar to his brother he was later asked to learn another instrument in order to join his brothers band which had in the meantime become very successful.
The inevitable happened however and his brother's band split up leaving James high and dry.  Although he was also training as a toolmaker he had no chance to finish his toolmaking apprenticeship due to the firm going bust and he decided to put his efforts into music.
After working his way through the musical grades he joined BB James band in 1982.  BB James' manager also produced Musical Youth and he promptly asked James to tour the Caribbean with them.
In 1985 Steve Morrison, Pato Banton's trumpet player, asked James to form a brass section to support Edwin at a gig in a Tamworth school - James' first gig with Edwin. Later James joined Ruby Turner, who Clive was also playing for, and a years tour with Ruby ensued.
In 1986 James recorded an album with Pato Banton whom he joined on Pato's second US tour. He still regularly plays for Pato as well as The Team.
The final connection with The Team was at Minehead in 1991 when he stood in for Beverly and Edwin asked him to stay.

Kevin - Bass Guitar

Although not primarily a bass guitarist, Kevin has been playing with The Team since its formation. He was born in Birmingham in 1959 and naturally supports Birmingham City.
Kevin's perfect day starts in the Maldives listening to anything from Punk to Buddhist chants but particularly Eva Cassidy. He would probably be watching Terminator II or The Matrix whilst reading Lord Of The Rings.  After the movie he would have a meal of rice, pasta or fish swilled down with Gaelic Coffee.
As an activity you'd find him swimming, climbing or scuba-diving with his single wish for a luxury being good health.
Look for the Aston Martin in his garage though!

Patrick - Vocals

Hailing from Nottingham Patrick has been with The Team since around 1996 with one of his personal Team highlights being the launch of Eraser with Arnie and also when they met Prince.

His perfect day would include watching "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" and reading "The Alchemist" and eating West Indian food.

He supports Man U and as a luxury would like a remote control for everything!

Steve - Keyboards

Born in Solihull in 1962, first Team appearance was at the Roxy in Sheffield on 18 May 1987. He wishes for a perfect day of sun, sea and sand listening to jazz, blues and soul but with a particular liking for Steely Dan.
His favourite vittles are Italian food and Red Wine which he would prefer to consume whilst waching the Baggies (West Brom) after a swimming session. If a choice of cars was offered he would take a 4x4 diesel and his ambition is to do an album of his own music of which he has written loads.

Dave - Road Manager and driver

Once part of The Team's crew, Dave has fond memories of gigging at David Sullivan's house, Wembley and the G-Mex centres.
For leisure he retreats to his log cabin in Snowdonia and listens to 70s, northern soul, classical and just about anything else.
He appreciates the Tom Clancy novels and is used to eating anything from KFC to A La Carte.
On a social level he is captain of the Richmond Arms darts team (in the Charnwood league) in Shepshed which also gives him the opportunity to savour his favourite drink - Marstons Pedigree.  As a luxury he wishes for good health in order that he can continue to support Manchester City. Background image taken by NASA'a Spitzer telescope Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech